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Nokia N9 : Shocking

The new Nokia N9

was recently announced by Nokia as another device from their stables. The Nokia N9 runs on the Meego Platform which is jointly developed by Intel and Nokia. However, one thing that caught our eye was the awkward and very surprising placement of the supposed secondary camera which will be used for video calling.

The Secondary Camera in Nokia N9

Normally, it is placed at the top of the device near the earpiece for better visibility. However, the Nokia N9 depicts this camera at a very unusual position. It lies at the bottom right position of the gadget. Yes you read it right! The bottom right position!

Even we are surprised as to what could be the exact cause or reason for such a weird placement of the secondary camera. Most people use the phone while holding in their right hand so the camera is most vulnerable to be covered by the thumb in this position. It has really set me thinking as to why the guys at Nokia have opted for such an orientation. Probably the reason could be for optimal effectiveness while using the landscape mode. However one can argue that in the landscape mode the position of camera at left or right is of little significance so it would be better off with the top position. Whatever be the reason, Nokia has surely managed to attract some attention of the critics towards this unusual placement of the secondary camera.

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1 comments: on "Nokia N9 : Shocking"

Oil Rig Job Vacancies said...

Odd place to put the secondary camera. Did the guys from Nokia explained the rationale as to why they place it there? The only reason I could think of is that maybe it is designed to use the videocall function in landscape mode. Nokia used to call their Nseries as "minicomputers".

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