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Google Plus : A strong rival to facebook

Google Plus : A strong rival to facebook

Its been around 2 weeks since Google announced the beta version of Google Plus, the social networking platform from the Google stables, and already there are 10 million users registered! At first when I logged into Google Plus, I was wondering why would anyone come here instead of Facebook because frankly it seems so plain and colourless. But after a couple of days I realised that You wouldnt have to come here! Whenever You are on any google powered website you are actually logged into your account. This way the total members of Google are much more than Facebook's!

You see, the reality is that Google actually is attempting not to build a huge issue out of Google Plus. That is not because they do not have eminent desires for it. Or since they don’t believe they are any good. Instead, it’s because what they are well-situated flaunting right now is barely step one of a much bigger picture. As I seated with Gundotra and Horowitz last week, they made this point very clear. In their minds, Google+ is to a higher degree a social product, or even a social scheme, it’s an annexe of Google itself. Hence, Google+.

As I’m browsing about Google-powered sites there is sometimes a red ink notification alert that crops up and suddenly catches my attention. Before long enough I’m clicking by the various notifications and checking what my friends have shared out and who's lately started sharing with me.

From the initial user interface, you'll encounter four buttons - Home, Photos, Profile and Circles.

The features :


Imagine the power to collapse Facebook into its respective essential parts and hold them apart from one another equally contrary to one giant feed. That is what Google has done with Google Plus. There is one independent stream where the whole of your friends updates turn up and so the choice to see updates from only dependable groups like "Work," "Friends" or "Family." This is the heart of Circles.


Once you upload a photo, Google Plus will remind you to make an album. When that album is created it will enquire which of your circles you'd wish to share them with. This follows a premier differentiator from Facebook where all of your pics are seeable to whole of your friends by default (you are able to switch who can view certain photos in Facebook preferences). You will be able to also pick a person to share photos with rather than a complete circle.

Photo uploading is effortless inside Plus. Exactly as if adding a picture or an attachment to a Gmail document, you are able to drag-and-drop from your desktop or click on the upload button and surf your computer for images.

Since I was able to get an account on Google Plus.
, if any body needs an invite, be sure to drop off your email in the comments. I'd be more than happy to send an invite and yes dont forget to click on the +1 button at the top of the page.


Hangouts is among the more innovative ideas of Google+, and we think it’s an awesome approach to getting users to simply accept group video speak. The camera changing feature (it modifications who’s on camera depending on who’s talking) is far better than having multiple movie feeds open simultaneously. That said, it may need users checking their own Google+ streams every single day for potential chats to become listed on. If Google+ increases traction, Hangouts would have been a killer feature.

Conclusion : 

If Google can persuade users to come back every day, it has a winner. But the company will have to do even more to provide a truly compelling alternative to Facebook. At the moment, Google+ cannot compete with the king of social, but Google doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to take on Mark Zuckerberg’s giant quite yet.

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