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Waiting for iPhone 5? Wait Almost Over

iPHone 5 : Coming Very Soon

The wait for the latest iphone 5 has now been too long and even Steve Jobs must be eager to get out and share the details with the world. But whatever is going within that man's head, nobody knows!
As of now, judging by all the rumours the iphone 5 is really near. Precisely it is being said that it debuts in September.

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iPhone 5 Rumours

Here are all the rumour Sources :

First, The CEO of Verizon - Mr. Lowell McAdam said

"We don’t know when the next one is going to come out. You will have to ask Apple that. But we expect that probably sometime in the fall, and I think you will see a significant jump there when we get to that point."
Clearly what McAdam is talking about is the iphone 5 and goes on to say that they expect a major boost in the sales of their gadgets with the entry of iphone 5

Second : Now call this a slip of tongue to blurt out company secrets or maybe a strategy but apple's own CFO - Mr. Peter Oppenheimer had this to say

"As we announced at WWDC, we have a lot going on in the fall with the introduction of iOS 5 and iCloud. We also have a future product transition that we are not good to talk about today, and these things will impact our September quarter. We remain very confident in our business, our new product pipeline and our momentum."

Not a very smart brain required to figure that out Mr. Oppenheimer! You are talking about a product transition in September which is going to affect your profits (hopefully in a positive now).

iPhone 5 Release Conclusion :

It is evident guys, the new device is coming in September. For those who are looking to buy a phone might want to wait some days to checkout iPhone 5 instead.

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3 comments: on "Waiting for iPhone 5? Wait Almost Over"

iPhone 5 said...

New Apple iPhone 5 Features checkout here

Henry said...

I was looking to buy a new phone should i go for Samsung or wait for iphone 5?

Oil Industry CVs said...

@Henry: Better wait for iPhone 5. Compare the features first then decide after that.

I'm pretty excited about iPhone 5. Now that Steve Jobs is no longer the CEO, will see if Apple can still manage to make a good impact to all the consumers out there.

Oil Industry Jobs

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